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THE 12-24 CLUB

Hallelujah! Get ready to get your praise on with one of the most entertaining, inspiring and edifying Gospel Music Group in Nigeria. In today’s world where musical entertainment is widely accepted, many gospel artist are rebranded to appeal to the seeming ‘entertainment need’ of the masses with utmost disregard to the true values of the gospel. A hit gospel could readily be described as that having the trending gig / swag and not that causing the most revival; a pitiable aberration. This group is formed with a view to correct this aberration and restore redefine standards in gospel music.
For individuals / organizations needing rich live / recorded gospel music entertainment for event, worship service, fundraiser, church fair or picnic, 12-24Club is the right choice. We are a constellation of people devote and passionate for true gospel music, with a readiness to offer same to all and sundry on demand. We are a leading live / recorded musical group in Nigeria, studded with a number of topmost professional live bands, gospel choirs, all available to hire for your event.
Most importantly, 12-24Club is an extensive network of artists and raw talent who are promoting different brands of gospel music. At the club, raw talents are harnessed, processed and integrated into the larger family of seasoned artist promoting true gospel music.
12-24Club consists of singers, instrumentalists, choreographers and dancers from a wide range of ages, background and denominations that have one thing in common, “LOVE FOR MUSIC AND PASSION FOR GOD”. You can join our growing number of membership all around Nigeria and beyond.