Live performance

For your wedding ceremony or as a great addition to any corporate event adding a truly magical experience that everyone will enjoy. Book 12-24Club for a memorable occasion spiced with beautiful gospel voices celebrating you and your special day. Book for our live performance

TV programs / shows

Television exposure for Christian Artists today is actually hard to come by, even with the many cable networks available. Our entertaining, captivating and edifying TV show would provide the much needed platform for promoting gospel artists.

Musical album release

The club will continually release Gospel albums into the market. The goal behind our releases is to bring value-based professionalism to indigenous Gospel music industry.

Training Centre

Establishment of Christian music training centers (Development centers): The club runs three levels discipleship school for member including the Foundation School, Membership School and Worship School.

Talent Discovery and Promotion

The club assists young upcoming gospel artists by providing the needed production, distribution and promotion services in today’s competitive music industry.


Conduction of music training / seminars in Primary schools, Secondary schools, Universities, Churches well as crusades in villages and urban areas