The 12-24 Club consists of singers, instrumentalists, choreographers and dancers from a wide range of ages, background and denominations that have one thing in common, “LOVE FOR MUSIC”

Membership of the 12-24 Club is open to all believers irrespective of age, economic background, tribe or race. However, the new member must share our belief and be willing to pass through our discipleship school to become full fledged members.

The process of becoming a member involves-

  1. AUDITIONS: Open auditions are held in September and January. You can also book an appointment for special audition by sending e-mail to You will be required to complete an audition form, also available online. This form provides us with basic contact information and details regarding your musical background/experience. At the end of your audition, if successful, you will proceed to completing the membership form, otherwise you will have to come back at next season (that is if you are still interested in joining).
  1. MEMBERSHIP FORM:This is for those that scale through the audition process. You will be provided with a link to our membership form online or receive the hard copy of form. Most importantly, you will be required to share your salvation experience as an attachment. You are mandated to sign the agreement sheet in the space provided.
  1. SCHOOLS: As a prerequisite to full membership, you will be required to attend our discipleship/training school. The school has three levels, each spanning a period of three weeks. (Please refer to ‘Schools’ above).